By The Dozen Bakery

Wedding Cake FAQs

Do I need to book an appointment to come in and see your cakes?

No, our wedding cake showroom is open during normal business hours.

Do you charge for wedding cake consultations?

All wedding cake consultations are done via email or phone. We are no longer doing in person consultations.

What should I have preparped before calling or emailing?

Please have your ideas about design, a picture you have seen on the internet or from our bakery. The color/theme of the wedding. A rough idea of how many guest will be attending.

What if I am an out of town bride/groom?

Please call and speak with our staff. We would be glad to speak with you over the phone or via skype/face time. We will provide you with samples the next time that you are available to come into town.

When should I book my wedding cake?

By The Dozen Bakery only does a maximum of 6 wedding cakes per weekend. Peak wedding season is April to October, we would recommend six to eight months in advance. Three to six months is normally sufficient in the “off-season”.

May I hold the date?

Yes, you can put 25% down to hold your date and ensure that we are available to make your cake. At that point we will have you sign the contract and the rest of the details can be finished at a later date.

How much cake should I order?

We recommend that you order at least one piece of cake for every guest.

May we get our extra servings from another bakery or grocery store?

No, it is stated in our contract that all of the wedding cake is to be provided By The Dozen Bakery. We do this because By The Dozen Bakery is a scratch bakery that uses only the highest quality ingredients in our cakes. When someone ask where the cake came from and there is a “grocery store cake”, you will tell them By The Dozen Bakery, not the grocery store. Plus, everyone deserves great cake!

How far away do you deliver?

We deliver to the Greater Rockford Area. Any other request, please contact us.

Is there a deliver charge?

Yes, the delivery charge includes fuel cost, time and setup cost.

May I get a different flavor for each tier?

Yes, all of our cakes are two layers and a filling. Each tier of the cake can have a different flavor cake and filling. Click here to see a list of our fillings and flavors.

May I display my cake outside?

Displaying your wedding outside is not recommended. There are many factors outside that can cause damage to a cake. There is the obvious issue of the buttercream or whipped icing melting at temperatures above 75 degrees. The other main concern is that buttercream has a chance to attract bees and flies. We also get concerned about how level the table is on grass.

Who puts the flowers on my cake?

If you are using a florist, you should ask them what they prefer to do. We will put prearranged flowers on the cake for no charge. If you provide us with loose flowers, they will need to be to the bakery the day before your wedding. We will arrange and put fresh or fake flowers on your cake for a nominal charge.

Do I bring the topper to the bakery?

Yes, the topper will need to be at the bakery at the time of the final payment (two weeks prior to the wedding). We need the topper in our possession to ensure the structure of the cake is suitable for the topper.

How do I make my payment(s)?

25% of the total is required at the time of the booking. The payments can be made at the bakery or over the phone. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash and check. Credit/debit can be taken over the phone. You may pay in installments if you wish. The final payment needs to be paid two weeks prior to your wedding. All payments are non-refundable. Personal checks will not be accepted after the due date.

Do you have cake stands for rent?

Yes, we have over 25 wedding cake stands. Rental fees start at $30.00 depending on the stand. Damage deposits are also required.

Can we us our own cake stands?

Yes. We do caution everyone using their own stands. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes, we prefer that stands are brought in to make sure they are suitable to hold your specific cake.